Bulk Trash Story

Many of you visiting my home have heard the CD, “I Am,” by John Paul Jackson. Some of you have even purchased it. This is a good message from him that I want to share with you. I also want to tell you how God blessed me on August 20, 2005 by reminding me how important HIS NAME is:

I received a $100.00 ticket for putting my bulk trash out at the curb earlier than I should have. Because of my current life situation, I decided to protest the ticket and make an appeal so I went to a hearing on August 20. In preparation for the hearing, I had rehearsed my “speech.” This is what I had planned to say:

“I am a widow, a senior citizens, and I live alone. I must put my trash out when I have help. Because I am on a limited income, this fine of $100.00 would be a hardship on me. I’m hoping that you will let me off with a warning.”

This is what I had planned to say. But while I was sitting in the courtroom waiting to be heard, I prayed a little prayer. “Lord, I put you in remembrance of the widow in the Bible who went before the judge to plead her case. Please let this be a righteous judge.”

I was the first one to be called before the judge. I was there representing The Edwards Family Trust so she didn’t know my personal name. “What is your name?” she asked. “Mary Edwards,” I responded. “Case dismissed,” the judge said without any further explanation!

Friends, I promise you, I have never seen this lady before. I have no idea what happened. And I didn’t wait around to ask. I said, “Thank you,” and got out of the courtroom as quickly as I could

As I walked to my car, I heard the Lord say, “I will fight your battle, if you hold your peace.” Obviously, God touched this judge’s heart as a result of my prayer. But this incident got me to thinking about several things:

1) If there was this much power in my little ole name, we must remember how much power there is in HIS NAME…JESUS!

2) Over the weekend, I had a dispute with my grandson. I had a long speech that I had planned to share with him. But the Lord told me to “hold my peace.” The same day my grandson called me. Instead of reading him the riot act, I poured love out all over him. I could tell this isn’t what he expected. He melted. God got the glory.

3) In my Just Give Me Jesus Bible Study Class at my home on the day before I went to the hearing, we talked about how we sometimes feel that what we do in the flesh is what accomplishes our goals. The truth of the matter is that without God’s anointing and favor, our good deeds are as filthy rags. Truthfully, I believed that when I went before the judge and told my sob story that they would be touched enough to dismiss the case. BUT GOD wanted me to know that He is the One who has the “king’s heart in His hand.

Although I didn’t get to say my story, I did get the message. Hope you get something out of this as well. If so, drop me a line and let me know: leavesofgold.llc@gmail.com


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