READ: I Sam. 8 and Numbers 22

Have you ever wanted something so bad, perhaps a house, car, job or relationship that you asked God for it over and over again. Not once, not twice, but three times. Repeatedly, you beseeched Him. Deep down inside you didn’t really have peace about having this “thing.” That should have been a warning sign. Nevertheless, you wanted a nod from God. Instead, you got a “No.” But that didn’t stop you.

God got tired of striving with you and He gave you your request. What happened? Probably the same thing that happened to the Children of Israel. Extra! Extra! Read all about it in I Sam 8. Israel wanted a king because the other nations had one. They rejected God’s best for them. He warned them that their request would bring leanness to their souls. They would become slaves to their earthly king. Indeed, that did happen. Friends, beware what you ask God for.

Another example that I want to call to your attention can be found in Numbers 22. Balaam was trying to talk God into doing his will instead of doing God’s will. Balaam wanted to curse Israel. That wasn’t God’s will. But Balaam kept asking God repeatedly to let him go. Eventually, God let him go. There comes a time when, if you keep on stubbornly persisting about something that does not have the nod of God, He might just let you have it. Friends, like Balaam, you can live to regret it.

Balaam rode off on his donkey to curse Israel, but God put an angel in his path to stop Him. Balaam’s donkey saw the angel in the middle of the road, but the prophet didn’t. Sometimes, we can’t see what we should, but God is gracious enough to surround us with those who can, until we can see it for ourselves. Have you ever been so headstrong that nobody could reason with you? The donkey was Balaam’s friend, but Balaam beat the animal mercilessly because he wouldn’t support him in NOT doing God’s will.

One was a four-legged ass and the other was a two-legged ass. The four-legged ass had more sense than the two-legged ass!

Ponder what I have said in your heart, beloved. And don’t be a fool on a mule.

 (c) 2008 (by Minister Mary Edwards)


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