Is It Sweet?

My dear daughter in the Lord, Jennifer, spends a lot of time in my home. Last night she called to say that she was coming by.

“Good,” I replied. “I just bought a watermelon.” Jennifer’s response was, “Is it sweet?”

That question is so often asked by folks when it comes to watermelons. I’ve watched people at the store attempting to select a watermelon. Part of the test to determine if it is sweet, is to thump it with their fingers, shake it, or sometimes they even have one split down the middle so that you can see the color. I don’t understand those tests, and I’ve never been able to tell if a watermelon was sweet before I purchased it, took it home, and tasted it. Often times, I was very disappointed. What looked like a bright red, juicy watermelon at the store was not what I expected.

So, what am I saying here…

Watermelons are a lot like people. While they may look good on the outside, you really don’t know what they are like until you “thumb” them,” “shake” them, “cut” them and “chew them up.” Then the real deal emerges.

Have you been “thumped,” lately? “Shaken,” “cut and chewed up?” Are you still sweet?

Let he who has an ear hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying.


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