“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is right, whatever is noble, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about these things”(Phil. 4:8).

Have you ever had a job to do that you just dreaded? One that you put off and put off until you couldn’t put it off any longer. Finally, you ran out of excuses.

YARD WORK. That’s what I’m talking about. In my opinion, yard work is over rated. In other words, I don’t like yard work. I was able to put it off last year. But this year was a different story. Suddenly, I realized that if I didn’t do something about it soon, I would either be tripped or hung by the weeds! So, I decided to attack it before it attacked me.

I gathered my rake, “big boss broom,” Home Depot bags, and my “woe is me” story. Off I went to tackle the enemy. Then the thought occurred to me. “Why don’t I pray and ask God to help me with my attitude?” I did and this is what happened. My attitude immediately changed.

I began to sing praises unto the Lord until I made my ownself happy. I even danced a little jig. I began to thank the Lord for allowing me to stay in such a lovely home. I thanked Him for giving me a beautiful front and backyard. I even thanked Him for the many trees that dropped colorful leaves all over the yard. I thanked Him for the flowers (planted by previous owners) that kept right on blooming in spite of my neglect. I thanked Him for my hands and feet that enabled me to get the job done. Before I knew it, the job that I dreaded became a pleasure and a privilege.

I completed my yard work by thanking the Lord for forgiving me for having such a bad attitude. Amen


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