Pop Goes The Miracle

Scripture: Daniel 10:12-13

I had an incredible experience yesterday. It began when I went to an orientation to prepare to teach some young people creative writing…

Arriving early and sitting in the lobby for my appointment, I became quite thirsty. There was no water fountain in sight. However, I did see a pop vending machine nearby. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the necessary coins in my purse, not even a dollar. By this time, a nice looking young man sat down beside me. I never meet strangers, so I introduced myself. “Hello, my name is Minister Mary Edwards. What’s your name?” My new friend responded, “My name is Michael.”

The conversation continued:

Mary: “Michael, do you have change for a ten?”

Michael: “No, I’m sorry,” he replied. “But what do you need?”

Mary: “I need 75-cents for the pop machine.”

Michael: “Let me give it to you.” He reached into his pocket and handed me the money.

Mary: “Thanks so much, Michael. God is going to give you back more than you gave me.’

Grateful for my newfound friend, I took the money and headed towards the vending machine. I was happy to see that there was Vernor’s Ginger Ale inside. That’s the only pop I drink. I put my coins in the slot, made my selection. And out pops a Vernor’s Ginger Ale WITH A DOLLAR BILL WRAPPED AROUND IT AND SECURED WITH A RUBBERBAND!”

Friends, I’m so glad that I had wide-eyed witnesses nearby or I would have thought I was hallucinating! After having this incredible experience, I walked over to my new friend, Michael, gave him the dollar bill and said, “Michael, tell the people what I said to you when you gave me 75-cents.” He repeated my words, “She told me that God was going to give me back more than I gave her!” And God was faithful to his word. (Michael made it a point to sit close to me when we went in for the orientation!)

Driving home from the meeting, I said, “Lord, what’s up with that?” (I had just learned that expression from sitting in on the teen orientation meeting.) This is what the Lord said was up:

“Mary, when you cried out to me in prayer concerning your financial needs, I heard you the first day. I sent your answer, but MICHAEL, the chief prince, had to content with the prince of Persia to get through to you BUT HE HAS BROKEN THOUGH. AND HELP IS ON THE WAY.”

Anybody need a miracle?


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