Somebody’s Trying to Kill Me! And I think it’s God!

Every time I think I have surrendered all to the Lord, He shows me an area that I won’t let go. Such was the case recently when one of my nieces informed the family that she was going to marry someone we all knew was wrong for her, not the least of the reasons is that he was Moslem. She was raised in the Christian faith but wandered away several years ago when she started dating him. Even though they had been dating for a long time, we were shocked when she made her announcement.

To no avail, many of us tried to talk her out of it. When my counsel fell on deaf ears, my emotions went from sadness and fear to anger. She did get married in Pakistan and no one in the family got an invitation. When I tried to reach her, her home phone, cell phone, and email address were disconnected.

It was when I entered the anger mold that I heard the voice of the Lord say, “All flesh must die.” For years, I’ve been trying to walk out the scripture that says, “Be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger”(Jas. 1:19). Truthfully, this has been a challenge for me. The problem has been with conforming versus transforming. I’ve been trying to do it, more or less, (probably more than less) without God’s help. Romans 12:2 tells us not to be conformed to this world but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

Saints, our minds must be renewed. Our flesh must die. We must decrease so that God can increase in us. The Apostle Paul says, “I die daily” (I Cor. 15:31). “Our spirit is willing, but our flesh is weak”(Mt. 26:41). And there is no good thing in the flesh. (Rom. 7:18)

Yes. God is trying to kill me. The “Me” part. I plan to cooperate – no matter how much it hurts.

Please pray for us.


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