Stay In Line

If you have been waiting for what seems like an eternity for God to answer a particular prayer request, this is being written with you in mind. If you have started to become weary from waiting, this is especially for you. If I could tell you how to get your prayers answered, would you listen and do what I say to do? If so, please read on.

When I received Jesus Christ as my Savior nearly thirty years ago, someone told me that God had a wonderful plan for my life. Initially, I experienced a lot of joy from my newfound relationship with Jesus Christ; and, as often seems to be the case with new believers, He answered a number of my prayer requests almost immediately. Needless to say, I was overjoyed. As time went on, however, I began to notice that some of my most important requests seemingly were not being responded to as promptly. I began to wonder, “Is God really listening?”

One day I decided to confront God in prayer with this question. He responded with the words, “Stay in Line.” He also gave me a visual aid: I looked into the spirit realm and saw a long line similar to what we wait in at the supermarket or bank. I was somewhere in the middle. At the front of that line was God’s storehouse of blessings with my name on many of them. The Precious Savior Himself was there overseeing the storehouse. He began to give me instructions. This is what He said to my heart:

“Don’t be weary. Stay in line. As each person in front of you moves up to claim his or her blessings, rejoice for them. Rejoice also because you get to move up a step or two. Don’t murmur or complain and say, ‘What about me, Lord? I’m your faithful servant, too. I’ve even been serving you longer than she has.’

The Lord went on to say, “Stop comparing yourself with the faithfulness of others. Serve Me with a pure heart. No good thing will I withhold from them who walk upright before me.”

He continued, “Furthermore, don’t be distracted by what’s going on along the sidelines. Those are Satan’s devices to snare you and to get your eyes off the mark. Look straight ahead and stay in line. Remember what happens when you get out of the grocery store line. You lose your place and have to go to the end and start over again. This happens to many of My people, and that’s why it seems as though I am not responding to their prayers. Also, there are times when My people become distracted by what’s happening on the sidelines and they don’t realize that the person in front of them has moved up. So the person behind them goes around the distracted one. This also can delay your blessings.

“Remember also that there are no shortcuts in this line, but you can make the time seem shorter by waiting patiently on the Lord. Most of all, remember that My Son, Jesus Christ, is the author and finisher of your faith. He is also waiting. He’s waiting for you to get to the front of the line.”

I truly appreciate the Lord speaking to my heart. Let Him likewise speak to you. Persevere, my friends. Stay in line. Rejoice with them who rejoice. Your blessing could be just a step away.

(Excerpt taken from “At His Feet,” Minister Mary Edwards’s fourth book out of six. Copyright 2001.)


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