Wait And Evaluate

Dear Friends:

It’s hard to believe, but here we are in the middle of 2005! Did you plan to do something this year that you haven’t gotten around to yet? If so, you only have six more months to do it. But, before you do, let me give you two words of wisdom to meditate on: “WAIT AND EVALUATE.” After failing the “Are You Too Busy” test a couple of weeks ago, I went before the Lord with this question: “How do I do better? How do I get more balance in my life?” This is His response: WAIT “My people are too busy for Me. They are doing those things that please themselves rather than the things that please Me. My will must be done. Time is short. “Today, I say unto you: Wait on My voice. Get your marching orders from me. Then go forth under My power and anointing. EVALUATE “Take a good look at what you are doing. Is it busyness or fruitfulness? Is it My will or your will being done? “Beloved, if you wait for My voice and evaluate your works, I will teach you how to work smarter and not harder. “And, again, I say unto you – WAIT AND EVALUATE.” Following is the 21-question test that I failed two weeks ago. I have since flipped the script and I am putting a lot more slack in my calendar. If you see me getting too busy, please hold me accountable. TOO BUSY QUESTIONNAIRE Do you feel like you’re rushing through each day without a moment to catch your breath? If so, you are too busy. Being too busy robs you of the joy of living. It also causes chronic stress, increases health risks and damages relationships. Are you too busy? Find out now! Read each of the following statements, then choose the answer that describes you best. Use this scale to answer each question and then keep track of your score. The statement is true of me: Never True Sometimes True Often True Always True ___ I prefer to do most things myself. I’d rather not ask for help. ___ I get very impatient when I have to wait, or stand in long, slow-moving lines. ___ I am in a hurry, racing against the clock. ___ I am irritated when I’m interrupted. ___ I am busy, and I keep many “irons in the fire.” ___ I find myself doing two or three things at one time, such as eating lunch, writing a memo, and talking on the phone. ___ I bite off more than I can easily chew. ___ I feel guilty when I’m not working on something. ___ Things just never seem to get done fast enough for me ___ I lose my temper when things don’t go my way. ___ I spend a lot of time mentally planning future events. ___ I find myself continuing to work after my co-workers have called it quits. ___ I get frustrated when people don’t meet my standards of perfection. ___ I get upset when I0 am in situations where I am not in control. ___ I tend to put myself under pressure with self-imposed deadlines. ___ It is hard for me to relax when I’m not working. ___ I spend more time working than socializing with friends, or pursuing hobbies or leisure activities. ___ I dive into projects to get a head start. ___ I get upset with myself for making even small mistakes. ___ I forget, ignore, or minimize important family celebrations or holidays. ___ I make important decisions before I have all of the facts. Now, add up the numbers you assigned to the statements above to see your Score.

  • 20-39 You enjoy a healthy balance between getting things done and taking time for yourself. Congratulations!
  • 40-59 You are mildly overdoing it. You have a tendency to become too busy. Remember to take time for family and the things that are truly important to you, and don’t be afraid to say “no.”
  • 60-80 You are really overdoing it. It’s time to make some changes! You’re too busy and your life is not in balance. You may be endangering your emotional health and your physical well-being with an extreme lifestyle.

(As given by the Holy Spirit to Minister Mary Edwards)


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